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Overcoming Parental Burnout
Stress is the off switch to connecting. Disconnection leads to burnout. Burnout for parents is real. Learn strategies to identify parental burnout and solutions to transform chaos into calm. Mindful based parenting utilizes the latest research to teach how mindfulness can help families feel less stressed, more connected and happier.

Mindfulness Tools for Teachers
Learn practical, applied mindfulness tools for the classroom. These practices will help you be your most grounded, present self in order to help your students connect, focus and learn most effectively.

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A mindfulness educator and speaker, Sally has taught holistic education for over 20 years. Her background includes being a registered nurse and an educator in the fields of parenting, adoption, foster care, and mindfulness. Sally has brought mindfulness into schools teaching to students, teachers and administrators. She has piloted school programs, integrating mindfulness curriculum designed to be sustainable and year long.  She is the parent of four children and has opened her heart and home to countless others in need of a safe place and a kitchen table where they can gather and share their stories. Learn more at


Sharron Krull

Picasso Meets Einstein! Discover Science While Exploring Art
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education must start in the earliest years at the time that children’s interests desires, and abilities are formed. Since the arts are a natural part of early childhood education, adding this element may help more teachers find ways to work STEM concepts into the curriculum. We’ll explore how children use art materials to observe, predict, experiment, and problem solve, thus fostering the development of scientific thinking skills.

Playing to Learn! The Connection Between the Body and the Brain
Children naturally and instinctively do the things they need to do to get their brains ready for learning through the process of play. When children are engaged in physical activities, research conclusively indicates that the cognitive domains of the brain are automatically stimulated. Understanding the stages of brain development enables us to create enriched environments that will promote optimal learning experiences.

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Sharron’s teaching experience spans over forty years and encompasses nearly all areas of early childhood education. She is a veteran preschool teacher, having taught and directed at parent cooperative preschools for over 20 years. Sharron is currently an Early Childhood Consultant and Trainer through her company Play Power ( and she speaks at national, state, and regional early childhood conferences, workshops, and staff trainings sharing developmentally appropriate curriculum activities and resources.

Julie King

How To Talk So LITTLE Kids Will Listen
Using a lively combination of storytelling and audience interaction, Julie King will model the language that reduces conflict and promotes cooperation between parents and children. She will share practical strategies that make life with children less stressful and more rewarding. A Q&A will follow.


Julie King is co-author of the international best-selling book How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen, and a collaborator on the app Parenting Hero. She consults to parents of children of all ages, leads workshops and gives lecture presentations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as well as nationally and internationally. She is the mother of three.