Progressive Dinner Tour

Make some new connections over a festive beverage while you travel through the city Friday evening to visit 3 San Francisco cooperative nursery schools.  Explore the ways each school has made use of their spaces and meet some of their communities while enjoying an appetizer, entree and dessert course. 

There will be two buses to choose from.  Bus assignments will be based on first come first serve as well as accessibility (a 10 minute walk on a dirt path is required to visit Glenridge. Those who wish not to walk should elect for Bus 2). Tickets are $35 per person.


  1. Glenridge Co-op

  2. Sunset- co-op

  3. Slippery Fish co-op

BUS 2:

  1. Rocky mountain co-op

  2. Slippery Fish co-op

  3. Sunset Co-op


Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School:
A Natural Place to Learn

Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School is located in beautiful Glen Canyon. For more than 45 years, the school has provided child-centered, naturalistic, enriching and developmentally appropriate programs for young children and a special community for families. In the rustic 85 acre canyon, Glenridge children, parents, and staff grow and learn together. When you walk on the wooded path to our school in the forest, you are likely to hear great horned owls, and maybe even a coyote!


Rocky Mountain Participation Nursery School

Rocky Mountain Nursery School was founded in 1948 and has been at its current location of Peixotto Park since the 1970s.  The park is a hidden gem and home to the one of the largest slickenside Rock formations in the world.  We are also unique in that we maintain an affiliation with City College of San Francisco – our school is an ongoing Parent Education class and our Director is an Instructor in the Child Development and Family Studies Department.

Rocky Mountain Nursery School’s mission is to provide an emotionally and physically safe real-world learning environment for parents and children alike. The children and the parents learn together through play, as the school draws upon a decades-long tradition of play-based education. Each person’s experience is welcomed, and our community’s focus is on building a healthy, bright, and confident foundation for learning, well being, and social understanding.


sunset cooperative Nursery School:
A Place We Love, Where the Red Tower Stands Tall

This school, across the street from the Ocean, is dedicated to quality education for preschoolers and parents. Through play, children are exploring their emotions, curiosity, self-worth, trust, self-regulation and creativity.  Parents are immersed in a community that value them while continually helping them to strive to be the best parents they can.



Slippery Fish is a cooperative pre-preschool and preschool. They believe that each child brings a unique set of skills to the classroom. Their curriculum is child-centered, play-based and developmentally appropriate and incorporates anti-bias education and project-based work as the children mature.  As parents and teachers, they work together to support all the children in developing greater social skills, problem solving skills, self-awareness and a sense of wonder and creativity.